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How it all Began…

I consider myself to be artistic. If I were to make up a graph, pretty much all of my talent distribution would landed solidly in the creative/artistic and musical quadrant; it’s what interests me and where my passions lie.

I’ve always got some sort of project going on, either actively or brewing in my head: musical arrangements, paintings, book illustrations, scrapbooking, etc. And while these things are fun and very satisfying to create, and they often make great gifts… I hadn’t ever found this particular skill set to be very marketable. So I have a day job.

However, lots of my friends, and a couple of my sisters, have been having babies lately. I wanted to give them gifts, but I wanted to give them something cooler than your run-of-the-mill baby clothes. Enter my new-found affection for stenciling.

It started with just one or two designs.. then it became five or six. Before long, I had more designs than I knew what to do with! It was about then that I decided that the time had for me to share my creations with the world.

Now I’m perpetually thinking up cute and fun designs that have far more personality (and are much less generic) than the “pink princess” or “sports fan” stuff that’s so prevalent out there. And, as these are clothes for kids, my aim is for the drawings to express a whimsical and playful feel to reflect the essence of childhood.

Each embellishment is an original design, conceived and drawn by me. After I’ve sketched out an idea, I simplify the drawing so it can be cut into a stencil. Once everything is fine-tuned to my satisfaction, I carefully select the colors to coordinate with the clothing and design. Finally, it’s handprinted with care by yours truly.

I love using stencils; unwrapping each completed design is like unwrapping a present! With stencils, the design may be replicated, but as each item is painted by hand, each one is slightly different and is an original work of art.

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