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Giraffe Kisses, but Bigger

This morning I mailed out my second adult-sized t-shirt. I’m beginning to think that, eventually, branching out from creating only kids clothes might not be a bad idea!

Anyway, so a couple weeks ago, I was contacted by oolillipops with a request to do the Giraffe Kisses design on an adult sized t-shirt. We chatted a bit about the details: color, size, etc. And a deal was struck!

Previously, when doing this design, I’d used yellow clothing and a soft brown for the giraffes. oolillipops suggested that we go with a grey or black shirt with the giraffes in pink. It’s a really stiking combination.. An excellent suggestion. Check it out!

Thanks to oolillipops for the opportunity to do an adult-sized shirt!

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I’m an Aunt.. again!

So, my oldest sister (and sort of the reason this whole shop of baby clothes got started in the first place) had her baby, Raven, last night. The little guy was 3 weeks early, but still 7 pounds 12.6 ounces. 19.75 inches long… think if he’d gone full term! Everyone is doing just fine.

A while back, I gave my sister a Raven onesie:

Onesie for Raven Thinking that she’d have tons and tons of newborn sized things, I made it in a 9-12M size. However, she liked it so much that she asked if I’d be willing to make some in a 3-6M size; Raven stuff that’s not Halloween-y is tough to find. So I said sure!

I’ve been meaning to do them, know what colors I’ll be using and everything… but haven’t actually done it yet. And I thought I had 3 more weeks! Guess I better get cracking!

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Sweet home, Chicago

I realize it takes all kinds to make the world go ’round.. some people like small towns and some people like big ones.

I happen to be in love with Chicago; it’s my kind of town. So, today while perusing Etsy, I decided to create a collection of art that features Chicago or was created by people inspired by living there.

Check it out here!


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Last week I completed my very first sale on Etsy. It was a thrill!

My day job isn’t always exciting, or even terribly challenging, and sometimes I grumble about it.. however, it does leave me energy at the end of the day to work on these designs and in that way, it really is the perfect job.  This way, I am free to explore activities and projects outside of my 9-5 that bring me great satisfaction and fulfillment. It’s a beautiful arrangement.

So, my first sale. Very exciting. But also, it brought into focus the second half of the shop that I hadn’t spent much time thinking about. Sure I created these awesome onesies, but then there’s the shipping part.

Etsy has a great “How-To” section that gives all sorts of tips on pretty much every element of one’s shop imaginable. I’d read in there that, to make your shop/product more memorable, a little bit of flare in the packaging goes a long way. So, I started thinking about the packaging of my items.

I wandered in multiple craft stores, up and down the isles, looking at what they offered and pondering what I wanted to do… After much thought and deliberation, I decided that my trade-mark packaging would be a white box, tied with a yellow ribbon, with a little tag that said “MoMo”.

For larger items it’ll look something like this:

dimensions: 12 x 12 x 3

And for the baby clothes, it’ll look like this:

dimensions: 5 x 5 x 3.25

How cute is that?

Tomorrow these two packages will go out in the mail; officially the first shipments from my shop.


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One of the things I love about designing and painting these shirts is the uncertainty and excitement that comes with each one;  how will it turn out??

Maybe, one day, I’ll get so comfortable with the process that perfectly arranging of all the variables will become second nature to me, however, today is not that day; each application is different, and I’m still getting a feel for perfecting the technique.

Take this fermata design, for example:

Ok, I can’t really take credit for thinking this one up, but I did pick the font and the color scheme. It was one of the first designs I decided to use. (musical humor is my favorite.  Yep.. I’m a total nerd.)  Still… Perfect for baby clothes and undeniably cute, yes? And, at first glance, very simple. However, it took three attempts to get it to look like I wanted it to.

Here’s my first attempt:

Meh.. sure, it’s alright.. but the lettering is free-hand and kind of sloppy looking and  the fermata is uneven. All in all, it bugged me. So I redrew it.

Here’s my second attempt:

Better….. but I, being the perfectionist that I am, was unsatisfied with this one too. Basically, I over-applied the paint.  Working with fabric is slightly more challenging than paper; fabric has a little bit of a grain or ribbing and encourages the paint to spread a little:

Also, I used a brush and that applies quite a lot of paint. And, if you’re not careful, the moisture from the paint will cause the stencil to curl a little which often will cause the lines to become less crisp, or spread. So, I decided to try yet again.

This time I used a sponge for the paint instead of a brush. Turns out, the sponge is a better application when working with text; it’s easier to get crisper edges. And, for this font – with the stark contrast of black against the white, crisp edges are what is wanted. So, the second time around, the sponge it was and I was much more satisfied with the results:

Then, as a final finisher (and because it’s funny) I put an artsy bass clef on the bottom:

Satisfaction at last!

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BNR Sale!

Fellow crafters! Quinn Corrine Soaps is running this special for a limited time only.. and my Giraffe Kisses has been featured! Take advantage of this opportunity — good for the next six hours!

Here are the details:

Buy ANY ITEM from one of the shop’s listed in this treasury and an item of her choosing from your shop will be placed in their spot.

$3 (before shipping) Minimum Purchase
Must have an item for $10 OR LESS IN YOUR SHOP
List Shop Name and Transaction# (or link) in Comments
One listing per shop in Treasury – Spread the wealth!

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Giraffe Kisses

Some time ago, I was introduced to this site: OneMillionGiraffes. I even sent in my own schnazzy drawing as a contribution (check it out). Then, I pretty much forgot about it.

But recently, as I was seeking for inspiration for some more designs and I decided to draw a baby giraffe kissing a mom giraffe.

Once I got it all done, I remembered this site collecting one million giraffes, and decided to add these two giraffes to the bunch. See it here! (I even put together a treasury of giraffes on Etsy. Check it out!)

The moderators at the giraffe site thought my shirt looked so great, they emailed me back and asked me to confirm that I’d done it myself and not purchased these giraffes at a store. What a compliment!

Hope he makes it!!

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