Last week I completed my very first sale on Etsy. It was a thrill!

My day job isn’t always exciting, or even terribly challenging, and sometimes I grumble about it.. however, it does leave me energy at the end of the day to work on these designs and in that way, it really is the perfect job.  This way, I am free to explore activities and projects outside of my 9-5 that bring me great satisfaction and fulfillment. It’s a beautiful arrangement.

So, my first sale. Very exciting. But also, it brought into focus the second half of the shop that I hadn’t spent much time thinking about. Sure I created these awesome onesies, but then there’s the shipping part.

Etsy has a great “How-To” section that gives all sorts of tips on pretty much every element of one’s shop imaginable. I’d read in there that, to make your shop/product more memorable, a little bit of flare in the packaging goes a long way. So, I started thinking about the packaging of my items.

I wandered in multiple craft stores, up and down the isles, looking at what they offered and pondering what I wanted to do… After much thought and deliberation, I decided that my trade-mark packaging would be a white box, tied with a yellow ribbon, with a little tag that said “MoMo”.

For larger items it’ll look something like this:

dimensions: 12 x 12 x 3

And for the baby clothes, it’ll look like this:

dimensions: 5 x 5 x 3.25

How cute is that?

Tomorrow these two packages will go out in the mail; officially the first shipments from my shop.



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2 responses to “Packaging

  1. excellent packaging!
    One of the things that distinguishes a craftsman is the love with which envelops and prepares your packages.

  2. chilly beans

    I love the already wrapped box, and the crisp white box with a soft yellow ribbon is just perfect. I also love the fact that the shipper takes great care in shipping their items in such wonderfully fancy, and extremely convenient, ways. Now, I didn’t have to re-wrap the gift for my husband. Love it!

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