I’m an Aunt.. again!

So, my oldest sister (and sort of the reason this whole shop of baby clothes got started in the first place) had her baby, Raven, last night. The little guy was 3 weeks early, but still 7 pounds 12.6 ounces. 19.75 inches long… think if he’d gone full term! Everyone is doing just fine.

A while back, I gave my sister a Raven onesie:

Onesie for Raven Thinking that she’d have tons and tons of newborn sized things, I made it in a 9-12M size. However, she liked it so much that she asked if I’d be willing to make some in a 3-6M size; Raven stuff that’s not Halloween-y is tough to find. So I said sure!

I’ve been meaning to do them, know what colors I’ll be using and everything… but haven’t actually done it yet. And I thought I had 3 more weeks! Guess I better get cracking!


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