Raven Onesies – Take II

So, two weeks ago I got a new nephew.. See:

Awww.. he’s a total cutie, yes? (No, I couldn’t possibly be biased…)

Anyway, so his online name is Raven and I thought it’d be funny to give my sister a onesies with a Raven on it (here). And it was such a hit that she asked for some smaller ones, so he could wear them sooner. Who could say no to a cutie like that wearing their very own, personalized onesie sooner? So, of course I said yes. And here they are:

Branched out with the colors and everything

You can’t really see, but in the picture of my nephew above, he’s actually wearing the blue one. He’s already broken them in fully; peed on both in the first wearing. That’s how you know he likes them. What a darling compliment.


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