I like to post about pretty and successful things I’ve made, but there are plenty of mistakes and messes that I could talk about too.


It’s sort of been a goal of mine, with this blog, to have posts up two or three times a week. I’m a little behind at the moment, simply because I’m low on cool-looking pictures. I’ve got a lot of designs in my head and even a few sketched out onto paper, but I haven’t completed anything new lately.

Also in queue is a How-To post that will be great, but it’s still under construction. I’ve got the pre-pictures finished, and some of the middle steps as well, but what’s a How-To without a finished project to show off? (I like to post about pretty and successful things I’ve made, but there are always plenty of mistakes and messes that I could talk about too.) So, things are coming along but sometimes it’s difficult to find time for all the fun things there are to do!

So anyway.. on to the messes and mistakes. I recently got some fabric spray paints. I’ve seen them in the store but never really considered using them; I’m not really a spray paint kind of girl. Then, the other day, my sister sent me a link that was all about using these fabric spray paints with great ideas and suggestions and, suddenly, the idea seemed a lot less daunting. So, I went out and got a can of white and of green and came home to experiment.

First, let me say: Wow! These are messy. With brushing or sponging on paint, I don’t always lay out newspaper to protect the nearby flat surfaces. With these I was glad I did.

Second, with spray paints, lots comes out at a time. The instructions indicated that multiple layers would work best for darker colors. I think it would be more successful to wait for each layer to dry before spraying again; puddles were forming after adding the second layer.  So, I guess I’ll have to learn patience. *sigh*

puddles and runs

And finally, I need to do a better job covering the fabric I don’t want painted. This first time around I simply draped newspaper over the areas I wanted protected. I didn’t factor in splashing, running or puddle formations. Next time I’ll tape down the edges.


So, all in all, these shirts are probably a bust.. good thing they were practice runs!

Author: momo211

I've been active in the arts pretty much my entire life. Growing up, my home was filled with creativity; my dad's an accomplished painter and my mom has always harbored a great love for music and art and they passed it on down to their kids. When I was a little, my parents saw my avid interest (and inclination to draw on any available space - including school tests and myself) and they gave me a sketch book for my birthday and things have just blossomed from there. Officially, my main focus of study has been music, but my true love has always been art. I've been commissioned as an illustrator for kids books, a portrait painter, creator of center pieces for private parties and, most recently, a designer of kids clothes. My aim is for the designs to express a whimsical and playful feel to reflect the essence of childhood. However, I also strive to branch out from the generic "pink princess" and "sports fan" designs that are so prevalent out there. Every kid has their own personality, why not express it?

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