Here’s another Halloween design that got snatched up so quickly it never made it 24hrs in my shop!

Sure, the design is cute.. but check out that kid! Adorable 🙂

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Halloween is Coming!!

Halloween is practically upon us! Do you have your costumes ready?

This past weekend was a flurry of Halloween preparations at my house and our costumes are nearly completely finished. Hooary!!

To celebrate this fabulously fun holiday, I’ve marked down all my Halloween designs and a few others as well. Check them out here!

Trademarks and Copyrights

Trademarks and copyrights often seem to be slippery things, especially here on the internet. Sometimes it’s tempting to just borrow others’ creativity…

Trademarks and copyrights often seem to be slippery things.. especially here on the internet. Even though my shop is small, respecting others’ ownership is something I’ve determined to adhere to when creating my designs.

Most of the time keeping to that ideology isn’t too challenging. However, recently I was commissioned to do a design for some died-in-the-wool White Sox fans.  This was a tough assignment; coming up with an original design was harder than I thought! All of the clear and obvious visuals were sure to be trademarked or copyrighted by the franchise. What’s their mascot? A crazy looking green creature called SouthPaw.. or maybe white socks. How to generalize that?

Their home field ( formerly known as New Comiskey Park, now just US Cellular Field) has a pretty iconic score board, with pinwheels and all, over which they let off fireworks when a home run is scored… But surely that is trademarked as well.

I even thought about doing a likeness of Ozzi Guillen, but doing faces of celebrities opens up a whole lot of issues. First, I’d have to get their permission to use their likeness and then, somehow, I would have to get my very own picture of them (else pay royalties to the original photographer). For one little onesie in my little shop, that seemed unnecessarily complicated.

So, I pondered and contemplated some more.

Eventually, I came up with this design:

Just some happy Chicago baseball.. cute and original. Everybody wins!

Then, on the back, just for added cuteness, I painted a multi-colored pinwheel:

It was a hit!