Cyber Monday!

Today is to the internet what Black Friday is to the stores: All about the sales!

Today is also the last day of the awesome deals going on in my shop. Check them out here!


Black Friday Sales!

Black Friday is nearly upon us! Do you have grand plans of early morning shopping?

I’m not much for crowds nor am I a morning person so, if I venture out, I rarely am anywhere before 8am. However! That doesn’t mean that I am immune to the awesome deals that are so prevelant during that particular weekend.

So, in the spirit of shopping, I’m having my own sale! Many items will be marked down 40% and shipping for all items purchased November 26 – 29th will be FREE!

All items will arrive folded snugly in a white box tied with a festive red ribbon.  If you’d like a personalized note included, leave a message during checkout and I will be sure to enclose one with your special message.

Happy Shopping!!

As a teaser, here are some pictures of my latest designs:

Thanksgiving Designs!

I’ve got a few Thanksgiving designs posted in my shop: A harvest yellow onesie, a corn yellow turtleneck onesie and a t-shirt.

They’re up and the 2010 cornucopia design turned out quite nicely! However, I’m having a hard time getting pictures that I’m 100% satisfied with. The seasonably shorter days (coupled with Daylight Saving Time) has left me with very little daylight to work with.

The harvest yellow is a splash of vivid color, and the corn yellow is  softer, but still very yellow. I took some early morning photos, but the colors were all washed out and not truly representative of the real thing.  However, since Thanksgiving is bearing down upon us , I took some evening, indoor shots. This time around the colors were pretty close to life, but the photos are dark and not very remarkable.

I know. I know, I’m tough to please. I’m thinking that I will try again Saturday when I have more light to work with.. Wish me luck!

In the meantime, feast upon this photo of the not-quite-finished second Thanksgiving design that is in the works: