Thanksgiving Designs!

I’ve got a few Thanksgiving designs posted in my shop: A harvest yellow onesie, a corn yellow turtleneck onesie and a t-shirt.

They’re up and the 2010 cornucopia design turned out quite nicely! However, I’m having a hard time getting pictures that I’m 100% satisfied with. The seasonably shorter days (coupled with Daylight Saving Time) has left me with very little daylight to work with.

The harvest yellow is a splash of vivid color, and the corn yellow is  softer, but still very yellow. I took some early morning photos, but the colors were all washed out and not truly representative of the real thing.  However, since Thanksgiving is bearing down upon us , I took some evening, indoor shots. This time around the colors were pretty close to life, but the photos are dark and not very remarkable.

I know. I know, I’m tough to please. I’m thinking that I will try again Saturday when I have more light to work with.. Wish me luck!

In the meantime, feast upon this photo of the not-quite-finished second Thanksgiving design that is in the works:


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