New Year; New Posts!

One of my resolutions for 2011  is to be better about keeping on top of updating my shop blog. Things have sort of lagged around here lately, but all that is changing! This past week I’ve been hard at work and the fruits of my labors are now up on display! Check out the newest items here.

And, for a quick taste, here’s one of my favorites. The first printing was orange on a grey shirt, so this time I went with cool colors; navy on a white shirt:

Do you have a favorite?


Under an Umbrella

One of my favorite paintings of all time is The Singing Butler by Jack Vettriano.. The colors are so lush and the image so romantic…

Looking out my window today, at the clouds clinging to the high-rise buildings around me, I find myself wishing to be on a beach in a fabulous red dress in a rainy dusk, under an umbrella.

1000th Post Give-Away!

Over at BabySteps, they’re celebrating having put up an impressive 1000 posts! Go BabySteps!

To mark this occasion, they’re partnering with Syrendell to host a Give-Away for an ebook: Dying Fun with Children. I love the idea of toxin free clothing dye! But what I really love are their Rainbow Clothespins!

Click to Enter.Visit Baby Steps


Here’s the How-To for Entering:

Step 1: Go to Syrendell’s store and choose a favorite item.
Step 2: Post a link to BabyStep’s giveaway on your blog.
Step 3: Leave a comment on BabyStep’s post telling us what’s your favorite & a link to your blog.