Percy the Hedgehog

This is Percy. He is a hedgehog, and what a handsome hedgehog he is!

He’s just coming up from hibernation, blinking his eyes at the lovely, warm sun; discovering grass and all that is fresh and new in the world around him.

He would love to come visit you!

Comforting a Cold

As the holidays fade into the past and January winds to a close, I find that the winter chill is setting in all the more fully. Along with it, cold season. It seems like everyone I know has a cold! And, this morning, it seems that I am succumbing to one as well. Boo!

Recognizing the symptoms and realizing that I can no longer deny the descending sniffles, I decided to switch approaches. In an attempt to lift my spirits, I’ve compiled this cozy collection of things that would be perfect for comforting a cold.

Now, while you’re enjoying this collection, please excuse me while I go make me some hot, peppermint tea.

Kids need STUFF

Truer words were never spoken! But with so many diverse, cute and brightly colorful items available, who could resist picking up a thing or two? I’m very happy that my newest design, Earthy Celtic Knots, was featured but I love that Pirate Gnome and little Sleeping bag for the Hampster (that’s my kind of pet!)

Check out the rest of this collection of fabulous items from Etsy compiled by RitsumeiArts:

6 Word Summation

Since early January, Etsy has been running a Shop Makeover series. Every week they send out a new challenge that’s aim is shaking up your shop or tweaking some element to make it a little bit better. To better keep up with my resolution to improve my shop (and to ensure that I actually see them), I have these updates sent to my email.

A couple days ago, I got one focusing on Storytelling. There’s lots of good suggestions in there, but what grabbed me was the challenge to tell your story in 6 words. Then, see if those 6 words match your shop.

I admit that my initial thoughts were something like: 6 words only? What? That’s impossible.

However, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So, I went back and re-read that segment and checked out some of the links that were included. Then, I started writing down adjectives that described myself. This lead to assembling them into 6 word sentences.

Finally, after a lot of ink and filled up paper, I think I’ve settled on my 6 word summation:

Colorful Artist Enthralled by Curious Things

Now I’m wondering, do you think this matches my shop?

Rabbits and the New Year

A while back, I was reading on the Etsy blogs about upcoming trends and was particularly grabbed by the suggestion of doing something related to the upcoming Chinese New Year; the Year of the Rabbit.

I’ve always thought that Chinese calligraphy was beautiful and am excited about the idea of incorporating some into one of my designs.

This is all still in the development stages, so I don’t have any pictures to post yet. But I’ve completed the design and have a shirt all primed and will be printing it in the next couple days, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, here’s a treasury collected from all the beautiful items on Etsy with a similar theme:

Hip to be Square

I’ve actually got this Hip to be Square design in a couple colors, Orange on Greens, Fuchsia on Deep gray.. but I think this one, Red on Black, is my favorite:

This one is good for pointing out different shapes (or just targets for tickling your little one) all while celebrating the uniqueness of your child!

See more details here.