6 Word Summation

Since early January, Etsy has been running a Shop Makeover series. Every week they send out a new challenge that’s aim is shaking up your shop or tweaking some element to make it a little bit better. To better keep up with my resolution to improve my shop (and to ensure that I actually see them), I have these updates sent to my email.

A couple days ago, I got one focusing on Storytelling. There’s lots of good suggestions in there, but what grabbed me was the challenge to tell your story in 6 words. Then, see if those 6 words match your shop.

I admit that my initial thoughts were something like: 6 words only? What? That’s impossible.

However, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So, I went back and re-read that segment and checked out some of the links that were included. Then, I started writing down adjectives that described myself. This lead to assembling them into 6 word sentences.

Finally, after a lot of ink and filled up paper, I think I’ve settled on my 6 word summation:

Colorful Artist Enthralled by Curious Things

Now I’m wondering, do you think this matches my shop?



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2 responses to “6 Word Summation

  1. yeah, that’s pretty good. :]

  2. It was either that or: Colorful Artist Crafting Creative Things

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