NonTeam Treasury Challenge

This week’s NonTeam Treasury Challenge is inspired by BurlapandBlue‘s vintage inspired dessert pedestal:


New Rock Star Design

My brother-in-law and his lovely wife just recently had a baby! While my family has a growing collection of nieces and nephews, this is the first one for my husband’s family and everyone is completely excited! I’m no different.. as soon as I heard they were expecting, I began thinking up ideas for onesies for the new bundle of joy.

The new daddy is a big fan of Fender Stratocasters. In fact, he likes to build them from scratch. It’s quite impressive! So, I decided that would be the perfect idea to incorporate into the design.

As it was the first baby on that side of the family, it seemed that it was an extra big deal. I thought to myself, “Nine months of waiting and anticipation; babies sure do know how to make an entrance!” And thus the Rock Star Baby design was born.

Also avilable in my shop. Click here for more details.

Lithuanian Easter Egg Design

Eggs have long symbolized life and good fortune. And, in Lithuanian tradition, this special significance is increased when the egg is decorated! In ancient days, it was believed that if you buried a decorated egg at your home’s threshold or in your fields, it would bring good luck and plentiful crops. A decorated egg was always a welcome gift and prized possession!

I love the intricate and beautiful designs that were used in traditional egg decorating. I created this design, drawing from the inspiration of that long-standing tradition. I used the colors from the Lithuanian flag to complete this bright Easter design.

St Patty’s Day and New Designs!

It’s been a rather busy morning! I had two notices of treasury features this morning and I made my own collection celebrating today’s holiday:


And also, I’ve got a few new designs posted in my shop!

Soaring Raven:

Tickling the Ivories (which was already featured here and here):

Here be Monsters:

Now that there is more sunlight in the evenings, I should be able to take pictures more frequently than just on Saturday, so keep an eye open for new designs to come!

Connecting the World

This past weekend, I was introduced to Postcrossing by my sister, Ritsumei. Now, I am a huge fan of snail mail. It brings me great joy to find a piece of friendly-mail in my mailbox, so this idea of exchanging postcards across the world is right up my alley!

I signed up and mailed off 5 postcards this very morning and now I’ve got world travel on the brain! Thusly inspired by this fabulous site and concept, I created a treasury on Etsy with an array of world geography items!
Check it out

Branching Out

This past weekend, I officially branched out my shop! To my adorable handprinted baby clothes I’m adding fantastic handprinted infant carseat canopies!

I have lots of ideas, but to start things off I created a Greek Fret pattern and printed it in baby blue on a lovely green fabric.On the outside it may seem unassuming, but on the inside there is an adorable array of colors, patchworked together.I used all upcycled and repurposed fabrics to make this canopy.  In my searching through the little shops around Chicago, I found some really great patterns! These will dazzle your little one’s eyes!

Check it out today!