Friday Feature

Despite the seemingly ever-present rain here in Chicago, I have grand dreams of Spring! I can’t wait for the bright colors of flowers, or that green as fresh things sprout from the earth.. It’s a great season! So, this week, I’m featuring things with a Spring theme.

First is this wonderful concrete bowl by impurevessels. As it says in the listing details, it would make a perfect birdbath for your garden (and to cover any bald spots of the lawn). I love the pattern and the natural feel to the colors. Now if I only had a lawn…

Next up is this fantastic Leather Wrap Bracelet from Byjodi. I love the colors in the beads and how the combination of the blues with the leather chord gives this accessory a rustic and elegant feel. It’s beautiful!
This setting is a lovely parallel for the juxtaposition of fresh soil and flowers that come in the Spring.


New Feet within my Garden Go

This week’s NonTeam Treasury Challenge is brought you by the beautiful shop of JessicaTorres. The official inspiration item is this fineart print called The Coneflowers II. There are so many other fantastic photos in her shop, you should definitely check them out.

I love the feel of this photo; so soft and still so bright. It was a beautiful inspiration piece. Coupled with Emily Dickinson’s poem (of the same title), here is the treasury I compiled:

Parading Pink Elephant

Ever since watching the old French movie, The Red Balloon, I’ve held a certain, nostalgic love for the simple pleasure of balloons.

This design sort of mimics that idea of childhood wonder. I love the simplicity of this elephant design, and the balloon gives it a splash of fun! I chose soft colors to compliment the ivory of the tee. Plus, what’s not to love about the great flourished collar?

Softly Falls the Morning Light..

This week’s NonTeam Treasury winner was JessicaTorres (check out all the beautiful pictures posted here). This treasury of mine was inspired by JessicaTorres’ fine art photo, Yellow.

If the weather ever cooperates, my treasury symbolizes how I would love to start each morning:

Friday Feature

I’ve only recently discovered the wonderful world of handmade soaps, so imagine my surprise (and glee) and finding this delightful collection of “chocolates” from SweetSoapTreat:

If you think these would make a great gift (Mother’s Day is coming!), go on over to the shop and check out the other funny soaps available! What a fun shop!

And, in honor of this Easter weekend, I’m featuring this delicately carved egg from theNestatWindyCorner‘s shop. This is an amazing display of dexterity and skill to create such an intricate work of art from a small and fragile egg. There are many other designs too!

BEADY, Big and Bouncy

This week’s NonTeam Treasury Challenge is inspired by this inspiration item from RiverStoneRapture. The title of my treasury is inspired by one of my favorite albums by The Who.

While The Who may find this collection a little tame for their liking, I think it makes for a fun combination!