Dino Love!

Many many years ago, before moving to Chicago, I visited the Museum Campus of Chicago on a high school trip. Since moving here, I visited all the museums except the Field Museum. I admit, my memory of the experience was a little dim, but somehow – in the years between now and then – I had gotten the impression that the Chicago Field Museum was kind of lame and didn’t have much to offer (except an extensive Hall of Plants).

A couple of months ago, after visiting the Science and Industry Museum with my Hubby, we were talking about all the other ones and I let slip my impression of the Field Museum. My Hubby was astounded and dismayed. He insisted that this “false impression” be corrected as soon as possible! And so it was that we, a few weeks ago, found ourselves at the Chicago Field Museum.

Boy was I ever wrong!! It’s a fantastic place with much too much to see in just one day (ever so much more than just the Hall of Plants.. heh). But what I loved most of all was the dinosaur display. It was extensive and wonderful! I decided that I absolutely needed to do a design of a t-rex, inspired by Sue the dinosaur. Here it is!


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