Friday Feature

In my perusing on Etsy this week, I came across these amazing paintings by Leslie DeRose Art. I love how the maps are worked into the negative space to create the bicycle. This one (being of Chicago) was my favorite, but there are many other wonderful paintings and prints available in the shop.
Definitely go on over and take a look!

I love it when artists get creative with recycled materials. It’s good for the earth and that “outside-the-box” thinking can’t hurt the brain either! This week I’m featuring this wristwatch made from a bicycle’s innertube from ReclaimedWreckage’s shop. Recycled and very cool looking!

There are many, many other items available that are good looking and good for the environment. Check them out!


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  1. Ken L

    Checked out her Etsy! Leslie’s art is awesome. I really like the Willamette Petite River collection, might have to get my hands on that one.

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