Custom Request – Butters

Most of the quirky designs on the shirts in my shop stem from my own fun and silly ideas. However, a fair amount of my orders are comprised of personal requests; custom orders from people who have something specific in mind that they aren’t able to find anywhere else.

It makes me so happy to work with someone to help take a nebulous idea they see with their mind’s eye and make it into a reality. Those are my favorites.

Here’s the latest result of this process, a onesie for one who’s family friend is nicknamed Butters:

So fun!

If you have an idea for a design in mind, let me know! Together, we can make it happen.


Author: momo211

I've been active in the arts pretty much my entire life. Growing up, my home was filled with creativity; my dad's an accomplished painter and my mom has always harbored a great love for music and art and they passed it on down to their kids. When I was a little, my parents saw my avid interest (and inclination to draw on any available space - including school tests and myself) and they gave me a sketch book for my birthday and things have just blossomed from there. Officially, my main focus of study has been music, but my true love has always been art. I've been commissioned as an illustrator for kids books, a portrait painter, creator of center pieces for private parties and, most recently, a designer of kids clothes. My aim is for the designs to express a whimsical and playful feel to reflect the essence of childhood. However, I also strive to branch out from the generic "pink princess" and "sports fan" designs that are so prevalent out there. Every kid has their own personality, why not express it?

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