Craft Show!!

So, my little store has been going for about a year and a half now.. I have weathered two Cyber Mondays and I’m heading into my second Christmas season. It seems like it always gets a little exciting around this time of year. Now, this year, I’m adding to that my very first Craft Show! I’m very excited!!

It’s part of a Santa Breakfast that will be head at Bethesda Lutheran School (6803 N. Campbell Ave. Chicago) on Saturady, December 10th, from 9am until noon. For breakfast and a picture with Santa, plus some arts and crafts, it’s $6 and to come check out the craft fair it’s just a suggested donation of $2!

I’ve been busily working to bulk up my inventory so that I will be able to man a booth.. Here’s just a taste of what I’ll have available:


If you’re in the area, you should definitely come check it out!



One of my goals this year was to increase my inventory and I have definitely achieved that goal!

To help get there, I bought a whole lotta onesies in order to have a ready surplus to draw from, saving me gas and time in frequent trips to my local store for supplies.  To help me keep track of how many I had in each size that I keep on hand, I set up a multi-drawer shelf thing (yep, that’s a technical term):

As to the completed tees, up until today, they have all been kept in an over-sized drawer I dedicated to this purpose:

However, recently, I realized my inventory had pretty much maxed out this one drawer. Plus, when they’re all in this one drawer, they’re not very organized and I’m always having to dig through the nicely folded items. So, I decided that something more was needed.

Today I assembled another multi-drawered shelf thing to help organize my completed inventory. It’s going to be great!