Neutral/Contrast Backdrop Success!

Today I had some photo fun with my new (aged) bit-of-fence! It’s amazing how well it works as a neutral/contrast backdrop for brightly colored onesies in my shop. Here are some examples!

I love it!


Friday Feature

What is better for stashing your very special keepsakes than a Hollow Book Safe? In this shop, HollowBookCo, there are many options and much humor to be found. Definitely click over to check it out!

I stumbled upon this Ceramic Pig Planter, in the shop of FruitFlyPie, and it was love at first sight! Not only is it an adorable piggy, but it’s bright tangerine – the color of the year! I love the idea of making seemingly mundane things (e.g. planters) into wonderful, eye catching conversation pieces! Neighbors to this tangerine piggy are piggies of different hues, plus many other beautiful items waiting to be discovered there, I highly recommend it!

A Bit of Fence!

It is done! I found this tutorial (here) for treating new wood to make it look like aged wood, and it was amazing!

In the original instructions, it indicates that the longer you let the vinegar/steel wool mix sit, the darker the final color will be. I wanted it dark so I let it sit two days with the steel wool (then another day or two, without the steel wool, waiting for me to get in gear and paint it onto the wood).. so my mixture was well simmered.

Here it is before doing anything:

This is after the tea (i also doubled the ratio with the tea – used two bags of tea in one cup of water, just in case it might aid in making it darker in the end).. It didn’t really change, just looked wet..

Here it is, after the final stage:

The front side is even better!


Now I just need a bit of rope for my bit of fence and I’ll have weathered wood backdrop for picture taking!

New Project!

When I first opened my shop, I lived in an apartment that had a beautifully weathered fence out back. My neighbors probably thought I was crazy, but I loved to use it as a backdrop for photographing my shirts. But, then I moved away and I have missed that fence. Finally, I decided that I should create my own little bit of fence to use as a backdrop for my shirts!

A few months ago, I collected all the pieces:Then, I talked my brother into helping me cut and assemble it. 

And, voila! I had a bit of fence! 

In the months since, I have been deliberating and researching ways to make this new wood look more like that old fence. I considered staining, varnish or maybe even painting it, but then I came across this tutorial on making new wood look old and it was decided.

So, this weekend the process was begun. I collected some Earl Gray tea (and all the other necessary ingredients for aging wood) and the steel wool is steeping in vinegar, as we speak!

 I’m so excited to have a bit of “aged” fence to use in my photographs again!

Friday Feature

It’s been a little quiet on my blog this past week. My time has been well spent though! I had a surplus of nearly 100 shirts from the craft show where I presented (way back in December), and I’ve been slowly but surely photographing and listing them up in my shop. It’s been a daunting task but, as of this morning, I have the photographing done and (if all goes well) by the end of today, everything will be listed!

So, while it’s been a little quiet on the blog, I have not been shirking in my collecting of fantastic finds on Etsy. It seems that all things Etsy are trending on Valentines day. It’s coming right up and, with online ordering, it’s best to think ahead! As I’ve been going around, I’ve seen things sweet, romantic, steamy, fun, earnest, and angry. I picked these two to feature because I love how whimsical they are!

First is this Pug Pocket Valentine Totem from the shop of HandyMaiden. I love all great items listed, but most especially the totems; they are each so creative and unique! Plus, they are tiny.. Diminutive size only increases its cuteness! Pugs are my favorite and this little guy made me laugh aloud:

This picture, Footprints in the Sand from the shop of RonyaGalka, leaped from the screen at me. It’s a beautiful fine art photograph and is almost dreamlike in its portrayal of the moment of sweet love captured in its frame. I love the emotion and whimsy illustrated here. You should definitely take a stroll through the other fantastic photos listed there.

Friday Feature

One thing I absolutely love about Etsy how it just teems with creativity; it oozes from everywhere and hops out of the screen and brings appreciation and, often, inspiration to my mind. It’s such a positive place!

This week I was awestruck by this fantastic Plush Poseable Dragon, from the shop of LynneDhenson. Not only is it an amazing creation, this is a pattern allowing you to make one yourself! You should definitely check out the other fantastic items listed in this shop.

And, from Misala’s Little Zoo, I adore this Little White Sheep Clutch Purse! I mean, seriously, what’s not to love?? Cuddly and soft, fluffy and white, it’s the perfect accessory for anyone with a sense of humor. Plus, this shop has tons of other fantastic little clutches that you must go see.

New Design

In one of my excursions out and about, I stumbled upon these most adorable ruffled toddler tees in a bright pink. It took me a little while to decide which design would be the perfect embellishment. After some deliberation, I decided that it needed a graceful silhouette of a giraffe. I sketched out a couple renditions and, ultimately, decided on one.

I used silver for the print to create a great contrast to the bright pink. I love the simplicity of the design in juxtaposition to the ruffly fashion tee. I found shirts in both 6M and 9M. So cute!