New Design

In one of my excursions out and about, I stumbled upon these most adorable ruffled toddler tees in a bright pink. It took me a little while to decide which design would be the perfect embellishment. After some deliberation, I decided that it needed a graceful silhouette of a giraffe. I sketched out a couple renditions and, ultimately, decided on one.

I used silver for the print to create a great contrast to the bright pink. I love the simplicity of the design in juxtaposition to the ruffly fashion tee. I found shirts in both 6M and 9M. So cute!



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2 responses to “New Design

  1. Thea McFerrin

    Love the giraffe design! Wish you could find this shirt in an 18 months. I’d snatch it up for Maddie in a heartbeat!

  2. Thanks!!
    Though, sadly, those were the only two sizes I found.

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