Friday Feature

It’s been a little quiet on my blog this past week. My time has been well spent though! I had a surplus of nearly 100 shirts from the craft show where I presented (way back in December), and I’ve been slowly but surely photographing and listing them up in my shop. It’s been a daunting task but, as of this morning, I have the photographing done and (if all goes well) by the end of today, everything will be listed!

So, while it’s been a little quiet on the blog, I have not been shirking in my collecting of fantastic finds on Etsy. It seems that all things Etsy are trending on Valentines day. It’s coming right up and, with online ordering, it’s best to think ahead! As I’ve been going around, I’ve seen things sweet, romantic, steamy, fun, earnest, and angry. I picked these two to feature because I love how whimsical they are!

First is this Pug Pocket Valentine Totem from the shop of HandyMaiden. I love all great items listed, but most especially the totems; they are each so creative and unique! Plus, they are tiny.. Diminutive size only increases its cuteness! Pugs are my favorite and this little guy made me laugh aloud:

This picture, Footprints in the Sand from the shop of RonyaGalka, leaped from the screen at me. It’s a beautiful fine art photograph and is almost dreamlike in its portrayal of the moment of sweet love captured in its frame. I love the emotion and whimsy illustrated here. You should definitely take a stroll through the other fantastic photos listed there.


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