New Project!

When I first opened my shop, I lived in an apartment that had a beautifully weathered fence out back. My neighbors probably thought I was crazy, but I loved to use it as a backdrop for photographing my shirts. But, then I moved away and I have missed that fence. Finally, I decided that I should create my own little bit of fence to use as a backdrop for my shirts!

A few months ago, I collected all the pieces:Then, I talked my brother into helping me cut and assemble it. 

And, voila! I had a bit of fence! 

In the months since, I have been deliberating and researching ways to make this new wood look more like that old fence. I considered staining, varnish or maybe even painting it, but then I came across this tutorial on making new wood look old and it was decided.

So, this weekend the process was begun. I collected some Earl Gray tea (and all the other necessary ingredients for aging wood) and the steel wool is steeping in vinegar, as we speak!

 I’m so excited to have a bit of “aged” fence to use in my photographs again!



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2 responses to “New Project!

  1. Looks good- can’t wait to see the finished thing!

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