This tablecloth is, quite possibly, the largest project I’ve taken on. But it was exciting to work with this person to realize his creative ideas. I think it turned out really well! I shipped it today, hopefully he also enjoys it too!

Here’s a glimpse of the template-making process for the Greek Key boarder:

I don’t really have a perfect place for photographing things of this size, but here’s the one side of the finished tablecloth:

Close-up of the owl for Athena from the center: 

And on the other side, Hercules wrestling a lion:

With a close-up of Hercules:


Woo! It was a massive project, but I love how it turned out!


Massive Dying Fun

Here’s a glimpse at my latest project:

This is probably the largest dye job I’ve done; first time I’ve had to use my sink. As it turns out, the sink works quite well! (though, I did have to soak the sink in bleach water to counter-act the residual orange tint)

Friday Feature

With Valentines Day just days away, I thought this would be a good week to feature sweet and romantic items from Etsy.

First, from the shop of kangarusha, this gorgeous nursing necklace with vintage lace. I love the picture and I love the beautiful colors used in this wonderful item. Also available in this shop, are nursing necklaces and teething bracelets of many colors. Such a sweet collection of things. Definitely go check them out!


Also, for this Valentine weekend, I chose these Fragrant Ceramic Macaroons, from the shop of Hideminy. These are fantastic! Not only are they unique and adorable,  they are also perfumed with Chocolate Lover type. I can only imagine how heavenly they smell! These would make a most memorable V-day gift for a special someone in your life. There are also many other beautiful items available. I highly recommend taking a look.

Greek Keys Tablecloth

Every now and then I’m approached with custom requests. These requests are always extra interesting, because I have the opportunity to help people realize the ideas they have in their heads.

This week, I finalized a project that is much larger than my normal onesies or toddler tees; I’m going to make a tablecloth with some Greek images, with my Greek key pattern as the boarder. I’m excited to get started!

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the details that will be included:

Friday Feature

Another Friday has arrived! And with it, some more beautiful finds from my Etsy perusals this past week.

First up, this bright and funky Key Lime Ring from the shop of Catwalk. I love the vibrant green and that it’s not only visually stimulating, but it has tactile interest too! As Catwalk says, it’s super cute and fuzzy too!

In addition to other awesome rings, in this shop you can find lots of paper collages and other paper art. Check it out!


This next item, Ninja Wasabi Soap from Elixir Soap, is awesome on so many levels. Seriously, what’s cooler than ninja soap?? That, and, it’d make a perfect V-day gift for all sorts of guys: “brothers, boyfriends, coworkers that smell, or anyone who secretly wants to be a ninja.”

This shop also has many other lovely (and manly) soaps. Definitely take a peek!