Friday Feature

I must be feeling an affinity for ethereal, atmospheric today. As I was picking out things to feature on for this week, this Abstract Landscape from the shop of evesand really appealed to me. I love the simple, monochromatic theme (and this shade of blue is a favorite of mine). It’s a really lovely composition with the great combination of serene shapes in the background, and then, with the flock of birds sweeping across the frame, there’s a wonderful sense of motion; giving the whole image a feel of quiet energy. Fantastic!

Definitely be sure to take a look at the other lovely prints and paintings available in this shop.

And next up today, these adorable Blue Bird Ceramic Candle Holders, found in the shop of blueroompottery. The simple lines of these birds give the set an elegant, agelessness. The rustic, crackle glaze completes the effect making these a perfect, timeless addition to anyone’s home decor! Be sure to visit this shop to see all the other beautiful pieces available there.



NonTeam Treasury Challenge

This week’s inspiration item is this gorgeous Vintage Perfume Atomizer from the shop of labiblioteca. The crisp photography and the crystalline aquamarine of this atomizer immediately set my mind thinking nautical thoughts.

Here is my entry:


Friday Feature

It’s overcast and raining in Chicago this morning, but here, on the internet, it’s still bright and springy! (hmm.. perhaps this means I should get out more..)

Today I’m featuring this gorgeous Recycled Glass Planter from the shop of marianandhazel. I’m always a sucker for things  which take old stuff which would typically just be tossed out and make them into something beautiful, to be treasured. This is a perfect case in point. As the description says “stylish, pretty and practical!” I couldn’t agree more.

I love the beauty captured in the photography; understated colors with frosty white and just a pinch of spring green. Really lovely! Be sure to check out the other wonderful items in this shop!

And, next up for this week, I’m featuring this fantastic Painted Rabbit Wooden Brooch, handpainted and from the shop of JullMade. I love the whimsy of the image and the simplicity of the drawing. The colors are soft and lovely and I can’t help but wonder, what does the rabbit see? Is it contemplating yon clover field, or just popping up from its den to smell the crisp, fresh spring air while planning its adventures for the day?


Definitely go and visit the shop to see all the other beautiful items listed there!

NonTeam Treasury Challenge

There’s this great team which runs a treasury challenge on Etsy each week. It’s been quite a while since I’ve participated with them, but this week I’m jumping back in!

This week the inspiration item was a French Vintage Ticking from the gorgeous shop of FrenchAtticFinds. Here’s my compilation: Bright, Crisp and Fresh

New Design!

I’m in the process of rearranging and reworking (and doing some hardcore organizing in) my crafting space at the moment, but the ideas for new designs don’t stop just for something as silly as that!

A friend of mine had a baby shower this past weekend and I worked up this design with her in mind. She loves the outdoors and camping and nature, so this tent-themed onesie was a fun gift. I liked it so well I printed another one to put in my shop to share with you!