NonTeam Treasury Challenge 98

This week’s NonTeam Treasury Challenge is inspired by this lovely fine art print by casperdown titled Toxic LA 4:

I thought it was a striking modern piece with really interesting lines. It was really fun to put together a treasury with simple colors and geometric shapes! Here’s my compilation:


Tie-Dying Fun!

I must have frogs on the brain because I’ve been working on two new designs and both of them incorporated frogs! Well, frogs and tie-dye.

Tie-dye is an old, tried and true way to make simple things a little more fun. I remember way way back, when I was young enough to still attend summer camp, I tried tie-dying for the first time. We tied up and dipped our t-shirts into several different, vibrant colors. I loved that each one was different.

So, one my current projects is constructing a new carseat canopy to post in my shop. I decided that it should have a subtle tie-dye pattern to it. And frogs.  Generally, when I’ve tie-dyed in the past, I’ve used larger articles of clothing than my little onesies. However, while I was dipping the fabric for the canopy, I thought I’d experiment a little and see if a onesie would be good to dye too. It was!

I dipped some green and some blue. The green onesies were prefect for my newest frog design and the blue was just right for my little leaping Orca whale.

I love how they turned out!

The carseat canopy is still in production, but keep your eyes peeled; it should be up soon!

New Design!

I’ve been a busy little bee the past couple weeks. I’ve been doing some bookkeeping and organization behind the scenes leading me to play with Excel spreadsheets and create new lists to help me keep track of designs that are listed in my shop. As I was doing this, I discovered that there were several designs that I have had listed, but have slipped by without being refreshed. So, this week I’ve been focusing on playing with paint and I now have several new shirts posted up in my shop!

Also, amidst all this activity, I’ve created a brand new design!

August brings the end of summer; schools are starting and cooler weather is starting to appear. I enjoy summer, but I love the fall. This change of season brings fond feelings of farewell. It’s always a gradual change, almost like summer is tied to the string of a helium balloon and released to float off into space.

It was thoughts like these that inspired this newest design. It’s a whimsical image of a girl flying with a balloon off to have new adventures. I love the feeling of energy and fun!

This design is also available in a onesie here.

Wizard of Oz Anniversary GIVE-AWAY!!

I was invited to join in with this amazing give-away, celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Wizard of Oz movie! It’s going on August 1-12. This give-away is hosted by The Hat Factory and there are TONS of awesome things to win. There are two albums worth of great prizes on the Facebook page: Here and also here.

I’m offering this set of 3 onesies: Lion, Tiger and Bear, Oh My! (retail value $38.25) Winner gets to pick the size the onesies are printed in and just pays shipping, $6.

Enter by liking the Facebook page of the person offering the item and leaving a comment in the photo of the specific item you’re interested in. Then, be sure to check back again on August 12 to see if you’re the winner! Winners’ names will be posted in the comment section of the photo.

Come join in the fun!