Tie-Dying Fun!

I must have frogs on the brain because I’ve been working on two new designs and both of them incorporated frogs! Well, frogs and tie-dye.

Tie-dye is an old, tried and true way to make simple things a little more fun. I remember way way back, when I was young enough to still attend summer camp, I tried tie-dying for the first time. We tied up and dipped our t-shirts into several different, vibrant colors. I loved that each one was different.

So, one my current projects is constructing a new carseat canopy to post in my shop. I decided that it should have a subtle tie-dye pattern to it. And frogs.  Generally, when I’ve tie-dyed in the past, I’ve used larger articles of clothing than my little onesies. However, while I was dipping the fabric for the canopy, I thought I’d experiment a little and see if a onesie would be good to dye too. It was!

I dipped some green and some blue. The green onesies were prefect for my newest frog design and the blue was just right for my little leaping Orca whale.

I love how they turned out!

The carseat canopy is still in production, but keep your eyes peeled; it should be up soon!


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