I Got a New Book!

Way, way back when I was in high school, I took a lot of art classes. The school I attended was very small and their class offerings weren’t always extensive. I loved taking art classes, but the standard curriculum offered was: 1st semester – 2D Art, 2nd semester – 3D Art, followed the next year with: 1st semester – 2D Art Advanced,  and then 2nd semester – 3D Art Advanced. The end.

Needless to say, I ran out of classes before graduation. So, I spend the remaining two years taking independent study art classes. This actually proved to be a fantastic opportunity for me to explore all sorts of different media that I might not have otherwise ever tried. One of the things we did was explore Batiking.

I remember enjoying it then, but I haven’t Batiked anything since and I’ve pretty much forgotten most of how we did it. I’ve looked up How-To’s online from time to time, but never really went anywhere with it. Then, the other day, I stumbled across a book on Batiking for a steal and I couldn’t resist. I’ve started working my way through it and, while written in a very approachable manner, it is still quite dense. There’s a lot to absorb (and of course some supplies to get) before any experimenting can be done. But still,  now that I’ve begun, my mind has started churning and ideas are coming into sharper focus.. Can’t wait to delve in even deeper!



NonTeam Treasury Challenge 118

This week’s inspiration item was this gorgeous Black Feather Fascinator Headdress by LaCocoRouge. Not only is this a fabulous headdress, her pictures are gorgeous; I love the romantic and magical feel to it. It was that spark of something sweet and loving that I wanted to capture with my treasury. Plus, it’s getting on time for Valentines Day, so a little romance seemed just right!




New Design!

I think I’m getting the hang of working my shop stuff in around nap times. It’s a bit of a dance but, when I finish a project, the feeling of accomplishment is all the greater!

Today I posted a new design. I love the look of Chinese calligraphy, so I like to use the Chinese New Year as an inspiration for incorporating Chinese characters into my designs. I’ve got a rabbit onesie that originated with the year of the rabbit, and now I have a striking, yet simple design for this, the year of the snake: il_570xN.416712808_lwny   I love it!

NonTeam Treasury Challenge 117

On Etsy there are lots of teams, some with more intense requirements than others. I love this NonTeam Treasury Challenge! It’s super laid back and I can pop in and out as I have the time and inclination, but there’s still a great network of supportive people.

And so, this week I’ve jumped back in and here is my entry. This week’s inspiration item were these Delightfully Delicate Earrings from the shop of BBTAR. Enjoy!



And We’re Back!

So, back in October, Hubby and I brought our little son home from the hospital. Whee! It’s been quite the adventure so far, and we’re not quite three months in!

People tell you “it’ll be a big change”, and I thought I was all set… by October 1st, I’d read the books,  put my shop on vacation, and braced myself, saying “I’ll be back in November.” But, as it turns out, Parenthood is a bit more intense in reality than I’d expected.

However, while it may have taken me a few weeks longer than I originally anticipated, equilibrium has been found at last; I opened my shop again earlier this week. Now I’m slowly, but surely, working my way through my listings -tweaking things here and there, and posting up my shirts.

While I’ve been away, Etsy has made some changes and new options are available for listing items. They are pretty exciting innovations, so I’ve been reading up on them and considering how to best use them in my shop.

So, we’re back! It feels great. Onward and upward we go!