New Design (multicolored!)

So, over the last couple of years being in and around and on Etsy, I’ve noticed that, on occasion, a trend will take the whole marketplace by storm. There’ve been foxes, owls and mustaches and, most recently, it seems that the chevron pattern has taken hold. It’s definitely an eye catching design! So, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and create my own chevron/geometric design.

What’s really great about this design is that it’s terribly versatile.. So far, I’ve printed it in shades of gray as well as with the vivid, primary colors:


I really like how they turned out! I’m thinking that the next print should be shades of purple.. or pink… or blue……


Custom Design

It’s always fun when someone notices a design and lets you know how much they like it. It’s even more fun when someone notices and asks if you’d be able to tweak it just so, so that it can be perfect for them!

Recently, I got a custom request from a Red Sox fan. They’d noticed that I had a Chicago Baseball design, and they wondered if it would be possible to have the same idea, but with a Boston skyline instead.

Chicago Baseball Celebration

It sounded like a fun challenge, so I said: Sure!

Having never been to Boston, I was a little nervous about getting the skyline close enough to be recognizable.. but they were happy with the sketch, so I went ahead and printed it out on a onesie. Here’s the end result:

Boston Baseball!

It’s a great idea come to life! It goes out in the mail tomorrow.


So, this past week, I adjusted the I Heart my ANT-ie design to fit onto a Preemie or Newborn sized onesie. (and so now it’s available in Preemie size in my shop) It’s crazy how teeny those onesies are! Here’s a comparison shot with the Preemie sized onesie next to one that is 0-3M sized.


This just serves to prove that everything is cuter when it’s small!

Supporting Bloggers Across the World

A few weeks ago, I was approached by Tori, writer of the sunny blog called 2 plus on 1. She also has this adorable shop on Etsy called tabitha&hugo. Her items are handmade and inspired by her love of the English countryside and animals, children’s vintage toys and books, cooking (and eating), being creative and drinking coffee.

tabitha & hugo

Tori hails from Australia and is expecting a little one shortly and was interested in some of my onesies.  She invited me to participate in a swap.. some of my onesies for a month of exposure on her site. Tori’s blog is so cute and her shop so adorable, who could resist?

Go check her out! (here and here)