Personalized Party Llama

Lately, I’ve been doing a good deal of custom orders and personalizing things. It’s kind of exciting to see what other people think of and how they’re inspired by the different designs.

Most recently, I added a little bit of personalization to my Party Llama. We went back and forth with the text a little bit to make sure she was 100% satisfied with the font. Then, as a last thought, she suggested adding polka-dots and stripes to the letters.

I love how the name turned out!



Custom Order

Occasionally, I’ll get commissioned to do something other than baby clothes. Most recently, I was commissioned to make a man-sized shirt. The shirt was to say “Cool Story Bro, needs more dragons”. Working with these man-sized shirts is a little more exciting than the little baby shirts; getting text straight is a little more challenging, but it worked!

Here’s the shirt (in my poorly lit basement) drying on the ironing board.


Here’s a close-up of the “needs more dragons”.  I absolutely love how the dragon turned out!


I’ve always struggled to get good photos of black tees.. just know that it’s neon green text with a deep purple dragon. I was very pleased with how the shirt came together.

He likes it too 🙂