Custom Design

A friend of mine is having twins, due sometime in the next few weeks. Babies are always exciting, but twins are double the fun! So, being me, I decided to put together a custom design for the new little ones. Since her in-laws are from Poland, my friend and her husband are planning to teach their kids Polish.. this was the first time I’d done shirt in a language I don’t speak when I came up with the text myself. (Hooray for Google Translate!)

I decided to go with onesies in the newborn size, and added the text “Love” and “Joy”, respectively “Miłość” and “Radość”.


I love the way the rays turned out and how they’re mirrors of each other.

My friend also has an older son, who’s going to have to adjust to these two new additions to his life. For the older siblings, I always like to give a little something too, since they are bound to notice all the new fun presents are going to these little guys and may be feeling left out. So, I made a shirt that says (if my Google Translating is correct): “Best Older Brother”.



New Design!

Coming into motherhood (I’ve been here almost a year now), I knew that babies were prone to putting things in their mouths. Hubby and I work pretty hard to keep things in our home fairly safe for our little guy, but I wasn’t quite prepared for the reality of it all.

My babe’s tenacity and inquisitiveness (while wonderful and good traits that I do want to foster and grow in the long run) lead to my regularly fishing all sorts of strange things from his mouth!  Books and paper, ok, I sort of expected that. Shoes? Well, ok then. The other day I fished a half eaten Q-Tip from his mouth (happily it was a clean one), but then last week, he took a chomp out of our wall!  Then I knew: he must have the soul of a Billy Goat.

Thus this new Billy Goat design was born. Inspired partly from my child’s strange eating habits and partially because I have fond memories of the Billy Goat Gruff story, I decided this excitement needed to be immortalized in this new, very cute, design:


He certainly keeps me on my toes! But I do love him all the more for it 🙂

Custom Order

Here’s another jewel of a custom order. I was approached through Etsy and asked if I could put together something involving the saying “All that and a bag of chips”.  This particular saying is dear to my heart since I have fond memories of regular use of it way back in high school (though, occasionally, it was a bag of Skittles..), so I was more than happy to immortalize it by putting it on a shirt!

I sketched up a first draft and with a little tweaking, we settled on this finalized design:


This shirt is all that and a bag of chips!