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Custom Design

I was approached by a happy, repeat customer about doing a custom design for her little girl and her friend. They are about the same age and they each have a beloved stuffed doll: (IKEA’s) Carrot Guy and Broccoli Man:

broccoli and carrot guys

Aren’t these the most adorable things ever? I love IKEA.

So, we had a little back and forth, I sketched up a concept design that was just as she was envisioning them. Then I set to work and here they are, all completed:


One for each of them now, and one for them each to grow into!





They went out in the mail today!

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Big Projects

A good friend of mine is getting married in just a couple weeks. She asked me to stand up in her wedding and I’m excited for all the festivities! The bridal party all met together, a few weeks ago, to plan her Bachelorette Party. We’ve got some really fun things planned and I think it’ll be a lively night on the town! Someone suggested that we go completely silly and get matching t-shirts, which lead someone else to point out that I design t-shirts and so it came about that my craft room became overrun with 11 adult sized, hot pink tees!

It’s been a little bit of a process (adult sized tees are slightly larger and more complicated than baby onesies) but I think they came together really well! It’s all a surprise for the bride, but I think she’ll love them!

Here are the fronts:

And here are the backs:

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Custom Request – Butters

Most of the quirky designs on the shirts in my shop stem from my own fun and silly ideas. However, a fair amount of my orders are comprised of personal requests; custom orders from people who have something specific in mind that they aren’t able to find anywhere else.

It makes me so happy to work with someone to help take a nebulous idea they see with their mind’s eye and make it into a reality. Those are my favorites.

Here’s the latest result of this process, a onesie for one who’s family friend is nicknamed Butters:

So fun!

If you have an idea for a design in mind, let me know! Together, we can make it happen.

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Trademarks and Copyrights

Trademarks and copyrights often seem to be slippery things.. especially here on the internet. Even though my shop is small, respecting others’ ownership is something I’ve determined to adhere to when creating my designs.

Most of the time keeping to that ideology isn’t too challenging. However, recently I was commissioned to do a design for some died-in-the-wool White Sox fans.  This was a tough assignment; coming up with an original design was harder than I thought! All of the clear and obvious visuals were sure to be trademarked or copyrighted by the franchise. What’s their mascot? A crazy looking green creature called SouthPaw.. or maybe white socks. How to generalize that?

Their home field ( formerly known as New Comiskey Park, now just US Cellular Field) has a pretty iconic score board, with pinwheels and all, over which they let off fireworks when a home run is scored… But surely that is trademarked as well.

I even thought about doing a likeness of Ozzi Guillen, but doing faces of celebrities opens up a whole lot of issues. First, I’d have to get their permission to use their likeness and then, somehow, I would have to get my very own picture of them (else pay royalties to the original photographer). For one little onesie in my little shop, that seemed unnecessarily complicated.

So, I pondered and contemplated some more.

Eventually, I came up with this design:

Just some happy Chicago baseball.. cute and original. Everybody wins!

Then, on the back, just for added cuteness, I painted a multi-colored pinwheel:

It was a hit!


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Raven Onesies – Take II

So, two weeks ago I got a new nephew.. See:

Awww.. he’s a total cutie, yes? (No, I couldn’t possibly be biased…)

Anyway, so his online name is Raven and I thought it’d be funny to give my sister a onesies with a Raven on it (here). And it was such a hit that she asked for some smaller ones, so he could wear them sooner. Who could say no to a cutie like that wearing their very own, personalized onesie sooner? So, of course I said yes. And here they are:

Branched out with the colors and everything

You can’t really see, but in the picture of my nephew above, he’s actually wearing the blue one. He’s already broken them in fully; peed on both in the first wearing. That’s how you know he likes them. What a darling compliment.

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Follow Up

So, a while back, I posted about my first commissioned, adult-sized shirt for my friend’s husband. Well, his birthday has passed and my friend emailed to let me know how happy he was with the shirt. (Hooray for the follow-up.. I love hearing about people’s reactions) And she was kind enough to share a few pictures too!

The Birthday Rock Star!

I’m so glad he liked it. Thanks for letting me do it!

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Giraffe Kisses, but Bigger

This morning I mailed out my second adult-sized t-shirt. I’m beginning to think that, eventually, branching out from creating only kids clothes might not be a bad idea!

Anyway, so a couple weeks ago, I was contacted by oolillipops with a request to do the Giraffe Kisses design on an adult sized t-shirt. We chatted a bit about the details: color, size, etc. And a deal was struck!

Previously, when doing this design, I’d used yellow clothing and a soft brown for the giraffes. oolillipops suggested that we go with a grey or black shirt with the giraffes in pink. It’s a really stiking combination.. An excellent suggestion. Check it out!

Thanks to oolillipops for the opportunity to do an adult-sized shirt!

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