NonTeam Treasury Challenge 132

It seems appropriate (especially since spring seems to be FINALLY making an appearance here in Chicago), that this week’s item be such a bright and cheery item. It was really fun to build a treasury around this one!


So, I went with the theme: Spring Garden. Check it out here!



NonTeam Treasury Challenge 118

This week’s inspiration item was this gorgeous Black Feather Fascinator Headdress by LaCocoRouge. Not only is this a fabulous headdress, her pictures are gorgeous; I love the romantic and magical feel to it. It was that spark of something sweet and loving that I wanted to capture with my treasury. Plus, it’s getting on time for Valentines Day, so a little romance seemed just right!




NonTeam Treasury Challenge 117

On Etsy there are lots of teams, some with more intense requirements than others. I love this NonTeam Treasury Challenge! It’s super laid back and I can pop in and out as I have the time and inclination, but there’s still a great network of supportive people.

And so, this week I’ve jumped back in and here is my entry. This week’s inspiration item were these Delightfully Delicate Earrings from the shop of BBTAR. Enjoy!



NonTeam Challenge 99

This week’s inspiration item are these lovely, vintage shoes from the shop of KarmaRox:

I love the vintage and classic, fairy tale feel these shoes have. It really got my mind thinking of rustic and primitive Halloween decorations. Since it’s not quite October yet, I decided that this treasury should have a definite Halloween feel, but still be mostly rustic and primitive autumn themed overall, to suggest the approach of Halloween.

I love how it turned out!

NonTeam Treasury Challenge 98

This week’s NonTeam Treasury Challenge is inspired by this lovely fine art print by casperdown titled Toxic LA 4:

I thought it was a striking modern piece with really interesting lines. It was really fun to put together a treasury with simple colors and geometric shapes! Here’s my compilation: