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Another Man-Sized Shirt (Custom Order)

Whew! This one has been lying dormant for a little while, due to Christmas secrets; can’t risk letting the cat out of the bag too soon! So, my brothers are all man-sized now. And, as most of my siblings are all grown and out on their own, we do a name exchange for Christmas. This year, I had one of my brothers who is a language-lover. He’s studying cultures and languages and it seemed like a great gift idea to make him a shirt to reflect that!

I decided to go with bunches of translations of the word “Welcome”. Thanks to Google Translate, I can be sure I’m spelling things correctly (though, I admit to being less than certain that these are the correct form, but it’s the thought, right?). Here’s the list of languages I came up with:


Mirëseardhje – Albanian



স্বাগত – Bengali

欢迎 – Chinese

Fáilte – Irish

Bienvenue – French

Mai – Maori

καλωσόρισμα – Greek

Benevento – Italian

환영- Korean

Akeyi – Haitian

And here’s the end result:







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Tie-Dying Fun!

I must have frogs on the brain because I’ve been working on two new designs and both of them incorporated frogs! Well, frogs and tie-dye.

Tie-dye is an old, tried and true way to make simple things a little more fun. I remember way way back, when I was young enough to still attend summer camp, I tried tie-dying for the first time. We tied up and dipped our t-shirts into several different, vibrant colors. I loved that each one was different.

So, one my current projects is constructing a new carseat canopy to post in my shop. I decided that it should have a subtle tie-dye pattern to it. And frogs.  Generally, when I’ve tie-dyed in the past, I’ve used larger articles of clothing than my little onesies. However, while I was dipping the fabric for the canopy, I thought I’d experiment a little and see if a onesie would be good to dye too. It was!

I dipped some green and some blue. The green onesies were prefect for my newest frog design and the blue was just right for my little leaping Orca whale.

I love how they turned out!

The carseat canopy is still in production, but keep your eyes peeled; it should be up soon!

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NonTeam Treasury Challenge 89

This week the challenge’s inspiration item was this lovely Japanese Lantern Quilt from the shop of CocobytheLake.

I loved the soft colors; the browns and teals. It reminded me of a calm summer evening on a porch swing out in the country. Here’s my entry:

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Raven Onesies – Take II

So, two weeks ago I got a new nephew.. See:

Awww.. he’s a total cutie, yes? (No, I couldn’t possibly be biased…)

Anyway, so his online name is Raven and I thought it’d be funny to give my sister a onesies with a Raven on it (here). And it was such a hit that she asked for some smaller ones, so he could wear them sooner. Who could say no to a cutie like that wearing their very own, personalized onesie sooner? So, of course I said yes. And here they are:

Branched out with the colors and everything

You can’t really see, but in the picture of my nephew above, he’s actually wearing the blue one. He’s already broken them in fully; peed on both in the first wearing. That’s how you know he likes them. What a darling compliment.

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