Christmas in July!

Summer is in full swing! We’ve got fireworks coming next week and I’ve got some family coming into town for a cookout. It’s a lovely season!

Another of my favorite seasons is Christmas. However, I also like to spread out my gift purchases over the year to give my wallet a break. So, this July, I’m sharing my love of summer and Christmas and I’m having a sale in my DazzlingDoOvers Etsy shop.

I’ve pulled out several holiday items and everything in my shop is 15% off! Just enter this coupon code at checkout: CHRISTMAS15

Here’s a peek at some of my holiday items:

Christmas Garland – Shades of Green
Christmas Garland – Shades of Blue
Rustic Star Ornaments

So head on over and check them out here!


Comforting a Cold

As the holidays fade into the past and January winds to a close, I find that the winter chill is setting in all the more fully. Along with it, cold season. It seems like everyone I know has a cold! And, this morning, it seems that I am succumbing to one as well. Boo!

Recognizing the symptoms and realizing that I can no longer deny the descending sniffles, I decided to switch approaches. In an attempt to lift my spirits, I’ve compiled this cozy collection of things that would be perfect for comforting a cold.

Now, while you’re enjoying this collection, please excuse me while I go make me some hot, peppermint tea.

Hearty Reception

I’d say that these darling Valentines Day onesies have been causing a  quite the stir! In two days, they’ve been treasured three times! I’m very flattered.

Check out the collections from yesterday:

SassySashadoxie‘s collection called Hearts

SimplyDoodles‘ collection called I Heart Etsy!

And then today!

Tigerbee‘s collection, Love is in the Details!

I know I’m feeling the love!! Huge thanks to all these fabulous folks for including me in these wonderful treasuries!

Blue Bird in the Cherry Blossoms

Originally, this design was inspired by my little baby niece (and birthday buddy) – woo! Baby birthday parties are kind of a big deal, so went I got to thinking what I would do for her 1yr birthday bash, I decided to do something extra cute and design one to reflect her adorable nickname: Blue Bird.

I had been mulling over the idea of doing some kind of abstract nature design for a little while; something that would give the impression of a blossoming tree branch, and this was the perfect opportunity to solidify the idea!

It turned out so nicely, I decided that it should have a place in my shop, available to the rest of the world as well, and here it is!

What do you think?

Feeling Treasured!

What a happy surprise to log on this morning and see that two of my items had been included in two different treasuries! Doubley treasured!

First, this enchanting collection by bluebirdheaven:

Once Upon a Time:

Then, this bright and cheery collection by Karensfineart:

Flower Power:


A cheery beginning to my day, for sure!

Ghoulies and Ghosties and Long Leggety Beasties

I know you’ve all been waiting with baited breath, and now they’re finally here. Behold! my Halloween collection:

I know you’ve all been waiting with baited breath, and now they’re finally here. Behold! a taste of my Halloween collection, thus far: