Another Man-Sized Shirt (Custom Order)

Whew! This one has been lying dormant for a little while, due to Christmas secrets; can’t risk letting the cat out of the bag too soon! So, my brothers are all man-sized now. And, as most of my siblings are all grown and out on their own, we do a name exchange for Christmas. This year, I had one of my brothers who is a language-lover. He’s studying cultures and languages and it seemed like a great gift idea to make him a shirt to reflect that!

I decided to go with bunches of translations of the word “Welcome”. Thanks to Google Translate, I can be sure I’m spelling things correctly (though, I admit to being less than certain that these are the correct form, but it’s the thought, right?). Here’s the list of languages I came up with:


Mirëseardhje – Albanian



স্বাগত – Bengali

欢迎 – Chinese

Fáilte – Irish

Bienvenue – French

Mai – Maori

καλωσόρισμα – Greek

Benevento – Italian

환영- Korean

Akeyi – Haitian

And here’s the end result:








Friday Feature

Another Friday has arrived! And with it, some more beautiful finds from my Etsy perusals this past week.

First up, this bright and funky Key Lime Ring from the shop of Catwalk. I love the vibrant green and that it’s not only visually stimulating, but it has tactile interest too! As Catwalk says, it’s super cute and fuzzy too!

In addition to other awesome rings, in this shop you can find lots of paper collages and other paper art. Check it out!


This next item, Ninja Wasabi Soap from Elixir Soap, is awesome on so many levels. Seriously, what’s cooler than ninja soap?? That, and, it’d make a perfect V-day gift for all sorts of guys: “brothers, boyfriends, coworkers that smell, or anyone who secretly wants to be a ninja.”

This shop also has many other lovely (and manly) soaps. Definitely take a peek!