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Introducing: Party Animals!

Recently, I was approached by a lady asking for a sibling set for her twin boys. She’d fallen in love with the Party Llama, and was hoping I would be able to expand a little; a sort of variation on a theme. She suggested a Party Goose or maybe an Ostrich. The idea of a Party Ostrich tickled me greatly! And so we went with that.

Since her little guys are turning 4, she was justifiably leery of giving them white shirts to enjoy their party (and cake). So, we opted to dye the shirts. She chose a dusky blue and a soft green as well as individualized colors for the hats and noise makers. In order for the silhouettes to show up on the colored shirts, I made the gray darker than I generally do on the white onesies. And the bright colors for the hats and noise makers sure did pop!

Here they are, all done!


I love that ostrich so much! My new plan is to make a trio set of Party Animals: Llama, Ostrich and a Moose. Stay tuned for the complete set!

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New Design!

Coming into motherhood (I’ve been here almost a year now), I knew that babies were prone to putting things in their mouths. Hubby and I work pretty hard to keep things in our home fairly safe for our little guy, but I wasn’t quite prepared for the reality of it all.

My babe’s tenacity and inquisitiveness (while wonderful and good traits that I do want to foster and grow in the long run) lead to my regularly fishing all sorts of strange things from his mouth!  Books and paper, ok, I sort of expected that. Shoes? Well, ok then. The other day I fished a half eaten Q-Tip from his mouth (happily it was a clean one), but then last week, he took a chomp out of our wall!  Then I knew: he must have the soul of a Billy Goat.

Thus this new Billy Goat design was born. Inspired partly from my child’s strange eating habits and partially because I have fond memories of the Billy Goat Gruff story, I decided this excitement needed to be immortalized in this new, very cute, design:


He certainly keeps me on my toes! But I do love him all the more for it 🙂

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New Design

This one has been a while in the making. The idea for making stars with stripes has been floating around in my brain for some time and finally I sat myself down and started sketching it out. However, it turns out that this was a more complicated idea than I’d expected; I think I drew it out four times before I got it just right. So, here it is! The great reveal of this Stripey Star design!


And, what’s even better than a brand new design? A give-away!!

I’m partnering with the wonderful Dominique Cloutier, over at My Work-At-Home World, for a give-away of a onesie with this brand new design! Go here to get all the details on how you could be the lucky winner!


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New Design!

I think I must be in love with the color gray. I promise it’s not some light-weight, wannabe Emo thing.. I just think it’s a wonderfully versatile color! You can do so much with it and it complements pretty much every other color!

Here’s another new design, on gray. This one is just in time for Arbor Day. I love Birch and Aspen trees. The wind rustling through their leaves is especially lovely. Plus, that white bark is really striking and the contrast with the green and brown, in a forest, is stunning. So, I decided to make a nod to that beauty with this Birch forest design:


Also, in honor of Arbor Day, I’ve relisted this Bird in the Trees design as well. This is really one of my favorites; I love that the bird is made from the negative spaces of the leaves.


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New Design!

This one is actually a reworked version of one of the very first designs I posted in my shop, way back in 2010 when I started MoMoPics. This little crab was cute then, but now I’ve added text and now it’s even better!


Check it out here.

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New Design!

I’ve been a busy little bee the past couple weeks. I’ve been doing some bookkeeping and organization behind the scenes leading me to play with Excel spreadsheets and create new lists to help me keep track of designs that are listed in my shop. As I was doing this, I discovered that there were several designs that I have had listed, but have slipped by without being refreshed. So, this week I’ve been focusing on playing with paint and I now have several new shirts posted up in my shop!

Also, amidst all this activity, I’ve created a brand new design!

August brings the end of summer; schools are starting and cooler weather is starting to appear. I enjoy summer, but I love the fall. This change of season brings fond feelings of farewell. It’s always a gradual change, almost like summer is tied to the string of a helium balloon and released to float off into space.

It was thoughts like these that inspired this newest design. It’s a whimsical image of a girl flying with a balloon off to have new adventures. I love the feeling of energy and fun!

This design is also available in a onesie here.

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Christmas in July!

Every year, Etsy encourages folks to offer specials for Christmas in July. I love specials and I love Christmas shopping! What could be better than the two together?

So, for all of July, you can save 15% off your entire order – good for anything in my shop – by entering this code at checkout: SANTASAVER

Merry Shopping!

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