Custom Design

Recently, I had a request to customize the Party Llama design. This customer was going to be celebrating the 1st birthday for his daughter and they’re Peruvian, so he loved the llama and wished for some party balloons to be added. It’s such a cute idea! Here’s how it turned out:



So cute!


New Design (multicolored!)

So, over the last couple of years being in and around and on Etsy, I’ve noticed that, on occasion, a trend will take the whole marketplace by storm. There’ve been foxes, owls and mustaches and, most recently, it seems that the chevron pattern has taken hold. It’s definitely an eye catching design! So, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and create my own chevron/geometric design.

What’s really great about this design is that it’s terribly versatile.. So far, I’ve printed it in shades of gray as well as with the vivid, primary colors:


I really like how they turned out! I’m thinking that the next print should be shades of purple.. or pink… or blue……


I’m not a big golfer. Way back in high school gym class, we had a unit on golf where the students started out hitting wiffle balls with clubs and eventually graduated to hitting actual golf balls. Yeah, I never graduated to the golf balls. But I do enjoy a round of mini-golf from time to time.

So, I made this design, but it works both ways! Great for folks with little people who are gifted golfers (of the 18 hold sort) or for those who prefer the smaller version of golf.


Chicago Baseball Celebration

This design was actually, originally, done as a custom order for a local Chicago family, who are all baseball fans, and they didn’t want the newest addition to be left out of the fun!

It was a little bit of a challenge to come up with a design that would portray Chicago Baseball, without infringing on any copyrights or trademarks.  However, after much thought and deliberation,  inspiration struck and here is the design that I created:

The family was so happy with it I thought I would offer it to everybody! So, now this design is also available in my shop. Check it out here.