Reusable Market Bags

Some years ago, Chicago implemented a plastic bag ban, where larger stores just don’t offer bags or else they’ll charge a small fee for them.  I live in a town that’s right next door to Chicago and starting new this year, they’ve joined in the bag ban. So, in preparation – a few months ago, I made some cute reuseable bags for my own shopping, to try to get in the habit. They are working so well that I decided to offer some in my Etsy shop as well.

Pink Stripey Bag
Pink Stripey Bag

True to the mission of my DazzlingDoOvers shop, I wanted to make these reusable bags from some re-purposed materials. So, I gathered up some pillowcases and gave them new life as shopping bags!

Stripey Bag

Made in a smoke free, pet fee environment. I reinforced all seams to ensure it’ll have a life of many shopping trips.

This one seemed a little plain with just the navy blue, so I added my favorite party animal trio as an embellishment. Now it’s super fun!

Party Animals

I was excited to find a set of these fabulous Little Pony pillowcases on one of my many excursions through the little shops here in the Chicago area. I knew they were destined for greater things than gathering dust in a shop. So  I set to work and now there are two available!

My Little Pony

See all these and more in my DazzlingDoOvers shop here!


Christmas in July!

Summer is in full swing! We’ve got fireworks coming next week and I’ve got some family coming into town for a cookout. It’s a lovely season!

Another of my favorite seasons is Christmas. However, I also like to spread out my gift purchases over the year to give my wallet a break. So, this July, I’m sharing my love of summer and Christmas and I’m having a sale in my DazzlingDoOvers Etsy shop.

I’ve pulled out several holiday items and everything in my shop is 15% off! Just enter this coupon code at checkout: CHRISTMAS15

Here’s a peek at some of my holiday items:

Christmas Garland – Shades of Green
Christmas Garland – Shades of Blue
Rustic Star Ornaments

So head on over and check them out here!

Home Remedy

So, I’ve been doing my shirt-painting for quite a while now. Typically I use it to embellish baby clothes, but recently I discovered that it’s really great for giving any old shirt a second life!

The other week, I was wearing my favorite purple shirt while playing with bleach (really silly of me, I know).. and, as expected, some bleach jumped out of the container and introduced itself to my lovely purple shirt.

I was very sad and thinking that I might have to toss this shirt that I love so much. However, I decided to expand my shirt-painting uses and see if the paint would cover a bleach stain. I had a new design that would be perfect for a lower corner placement and it would cover a good amount of space, so I gave it a whirl…

And voila! the shirt was as good as new! And, as an added side bonus, I can now wear one of my own designs (which, when painting predominantly baby clothes, was difficult to do before).

I love how it turned out!

Pink Elephants!

For a while now, I’ve been considering branching out from printing on just baby clothes and adding car seat canopies.

That’s a nice thought, but it’s been a while in coming (mostly because my sewing skills are not much to speak of). However, I can generally manage to sew in a mostly straight line and, thanks to this online tutorial, I was feeling confident enough that I decided to go ahead and give it a whirl.

With any project, my initial step is always to conceptualize what end product I want. The canopy should be unique; different from all the others available out there, so I spent a good amount of time thinking about how to do that.

Of course, the two sides of the canopy (top and bottom) should have differing patterns, and then, to stay consistent with my shop theme, there needed to be some handprinted design somewhere.

Just for giggles, I tie-dyed some fabric for the top with some light red and pinks. This was the initial inspiration for the “Pink Elephants on Parade” idea. And lastly, to add an extra special element, I decided to make the inside a patchwork of reclaimed and upcycled fabric. This will go on the inside of the canopy to give the baby something interesting to look at!

The patchwork portion is complete, and last night I finished printing the Pink Elephants!

Next step: Assembly!
Wish me luck!