Breaking out the Paint

Woo! So, I’ve been spending some time organizing and doing some behind-the-scenes sorts of things; nothing too exciting to photograph. However, tonight, I broke out the paints and printed my first new shirts since opening my shop! Very exciting.

It feels good to be back!


Sibling Set – Trains!

A friend of mine approached me the other week asking for a custom order for a sibling set for a couple brothers who are expecting a new brother. After throwing around a few ideas, we settled on a set of trains: one engine, one boxcar and one little caboose!

I sketched up some images and we went back and for a little to make sure that things were exactly what my friend was envisioning. She asked for blue shirts and left the colors of the images up to my “artistic expertise”. Here’s the end result:



So cute!

Dazzling New Items!

I like to call myself an armature seamstress, I picked up a few tricks while growing up from my mom. Now that I’m off and on my own, I’ve gotten my own machine and have been playing around; learning new tricks. My latest accomplishment is installing zippers! Once I got the hang of it, it’s not nearly as scary as I’ve always thought.

I combined the hand-painting from my MoMoPics shop with some repurposed fabrics to make some really cute zipper pouches for my DazzlingDoOvers shop!

Leafy Green zipper pouch:

leafy green


And also a shiny star pouch, with a little bit of a retro feel:



Also, to showcase my love for road trips, I made this great little box which is decorated with vintage road maps and an artsy highway ribbon which would be perfect for organizing a desk or a dresser:

roadtrip box

New Design!

I’m in the process of rearranging and reworking (and doing some hardcore organizing in) my crafting space at the moment, but the ideas for new designs don’t stop just for something as silly as that!

A friend of mine had a baby shower this past weekend and I worked up this design with her in mind. She loves the outdoors and camping and nature, so this tent-themed onesie was a fun gift. I liked it so well I printed another one to put in my shop to share with you!