Friday Feature

It’s overcast and raining in Chicago this morning, but here, on the internet, it’s still bright and springy! (hmm.. perhaps this means I should get out more..)

Today I’m featuring this gorgeous Recycled Glass Planter from the shop of marianandhazel. I’m always a sucker for things  which take old stuff which would typically just be tossed out and make them into something beautiful, to be treasured. This is a perfect case in point. As the description says “stylish, pretty and practical!” I couldn’t agree more.

I love the beauty captured in the photography; understated colors with frosty white and just a pinch of spring green. Really lovely! Be sure to check out the other wonderful items in this shop!

And, next up for this week, I’m featuring this fantastic Painted Rabbit Wooden Brooch, handpainted and from the shop of JullMade. I love the whimsy of the image and the simplicity of the drawing. The colors are soft and lovely and I can’t help but wonder, what does the rabbit see? Is it contemplating yon clover field, or just popping up from its den to smell the crisp, fresh spring air while planning its adventures for the day?


Definitely go and visit the shop to see all the other beautiful items listed there!


New Feet within my Garden Go

This week’s NonTeam Treasury Challenge is brought you by the beautiful shop of JessicaTorres. The official inspiration item is this fineart print called The Coneflowers II. There are so many other fantastic photos in her shop, you should definitely check them out.

I love the feel of this photo; so soft and still so bright. It was a beautiful inspiration piece. Coupled with Emily Dickinson’s poem (of the same title), here is the treasury I compiled:

Yellow Rose

On one of my latest supply excursions, I came across this beautiful little girls, ivory colored, fashion tee. I knew right away that it would look great printed with this Rose in Full Bloom.

To compliment the ivory color, I went with a subdued, goldenrod yellow. I love how the petals compliment the layers around the collar. Check it out!