Breaking out the Paint

Woo! So, I’ve been spending some time organizing and doing some behind-the-scenes sorts of things; nothing too exciting to photograph. However, tonight, I broke out the paints and printed my first new shirts since opening my shop! Very exciting.

It feels good to be back!


Introducing: Party Animals!

Recently, I was approached by a lady asking for a sibling set for her twin boys. She’d fallen in love with the Party Llama, and was hoping I would be able to expand a little; a sort of variation on a theme. She suggested a Party Goose or maybe an Ostrich. The idea of a Party Ostrich tickled me greatly! And so we went with that.

Since her little guys are turning 4, she was justifiably leery of giving them white shirts to enjoy their party (and cake). So, we opted to dye the shirts. She chose a dusky blue and a soft green as well as individualized colors for the hats and noise makers. In order for the silhouettes to show up on the colored shirts, I made the gray darker than I generally do on the white onesies. And the bright colors for the hats and noise makers sure did pop!

Here they are, all done!


I love that ostrich so much! My new plan is to make a trio set of Party Animals: Llama, Ostrich and a Moose. Stay tuned for the complete set!

Milk & Cookies

There is something supremely cozy and comforting about dipping a delicious chocolate chip cookie into a cool glass of milk. It reminds me of my Mom setting out my after-school-snack, all those years ago.

So, to commemorate such a cozy idea, I put together this Milk & Cookies onesie set. It’s great for twins or just as a themed collection for a lucky little one!

I kept the design simple (and the milk jug resembles a vintage glass jar), to better reflect the cozy, homey feel of my childhood memory.