Christmas in July!

Summer is in full swing! We’ve got fireworks coming next week and I’ve got some family coming into town for a cookout. It’s a lovely season!

Another of my favorite seasons is Christmas. However, I also like to spread out my gift purchases over the year to give my wallet a break. So, this July, I’m sharing my love of summer and Christmas and I’m having a sale in my DazzlingDoOvers Etsy shop.

I’ve pulled out several holiday items and everything in my shop is 15% off! Just enter this coupon code at checkout: CHRISTMAS15

Here’s a peek at some of my holiday items:

Christmas Garland – Shades of Green
Christmas Garland – Shades of Blue
Rustic Star Ornaments

So head on over and check them out here!


Dazzing Do Overs!

I’ve been busy playing with yarn and felt the last few weeks and here are some of the fruits of my labors!

Great Nautical Waves; Wide-Mouthed Vase


Single-bud Love Vase:


And, my favorite:

Sing with Joy – Jewelry Dish

jewlery dish

Creative Projects – Upcycling!

I follow lots of craft blogs, they always talk about wonderfully inspiring projects. I love seeing what people can do! Sometimes I read them and am in awe by the amazing-ness of the projects taken on. And sometimes, I read them and think: That’s so wonderful and simple, why haven’t I done this before?

One of these sorts of projects is the DIY, upcycling, home improvement project where you take an old, beat up and often, ugly thing and give it fresh life with a coat or two of spray paint. So, this week, I decided to give it a try!

This is really only an intermediate step, I’m not completely finished with these things, but I was so excited that I had to share pictures of the process:



I’ve got a fantastic lamp shade to top off that (newly) gorgeous white lamp. And, for the frames, I’m going to paint one bright red and the other I’m vacillating between bright orange or yellow… we shall see. But already these things are all much improved from the dark colored, chipped states they were in before. Hooray for upcycling!

Friday Feature

It’s overcast and raining in Chicago this morning, but here, on the internet, it’s still bright and springy! (hmm.. perhaps this means I should get out more..)

Today I’m featuring this gorgeous Recycled Glass Planter from the shop of marianandhazel. I’m always a sucker for things  which take old stuff which would typically just be tossed out and make them into something beautiful, to be treasured. This is a perfect case in point. As the description says “stylish, pretty and practical!” I couldn’t agree more.

I love the beauty captured in the photography; understated colors with frosty white and just a pinch of spring green. Really lovely! Be sure to check out the other wonderful items in this shop!

And, next up for this week, I’m featuring this fantastic Painted Rabbit Wooden Brooch, handpainted and from the shop of JullMade. I love the whimsy of the image and the simplicity of the drawing. The colors are soft and lovely and I can’t help but wonder, what does the rabbit see? Is it contemplating yon clover field, or just popping up from its den to smell the crisp, fresh spring air while planning its adventures for the day?


Definitely go and visit the shop to see all the other beautiful items listed there!

Amazing Aluminum

A while back, I posted about an upcycled treasury I’d assembled on Etsy. As I was paging through the listings, I found a wide assortment of amazing and beautiful things created from old soda cans. One of the items that I really was intrigued by was the Soda Can Flower Earrings by madeofpaperandthings.

A while back, I posted about an upcycled treasury I’d assembled on Etsy. Paging through the listings, to find cool things to fill my treasury, I found an amazingly wide assortment of unique and beautiful things created from old soda cans.

Who would have thought? Aluminum is so sharp! Those artists are much braver than I. I can hardly imagine how these things are made, or the various injuries sustained in their creation. (I have a hard enough time keeping my fingers intact as it is, without adding sharp art projects to the mix)   Still, these are things that I’m glad to know exist!

One of the items that I was especially intrigued by was the Soda Can Flower Earrings by madeofpaperandthings.  She has some really nice things in her shop (read more on her process and other crafts here), but these earrings really stood out to me. They’re so small and the petals so intricate. They really are quite beautiful! So, I caved and bought a pair.

They arrived early this week, nestled in a cute little box with some fabric padding:

Very impressive indeed!


Shopping around on Etsy and I got to thinking about other creative uses for bottle caps and aluminum cans and thus another treasury collection came about. There was a ton of really great stuff!

So, I’ve already decided what I’m going to be for Halloween this year and have moved on to the costume preparation. This afternoon I was perusing Etsy to see if there were any accessories I might use to spice up my costume.. Specifically, I was looking for leather bracelets.

I found lots of great ones, and eventually picked up a few from this shop – pinkyourlimb (not only are they great for my costume, they have great versatility – I can wear them for more than just Halloween)… but in my searching,  I came across these bracelets from the Etsy shop of kylepowers13:

bottle cap bangles

What a great use of bottle caps! That got me thinking about other creative uses for bottle caps and aluminum cans and, before I knew it, I was assembling another collection. This time the focus was on reused and upcycled aluminum cans. I was really surprised by the diversity in the creations. There was a ton of really great stuff!

Check it out!