Getting Things Moving Again

Wow! It’s been long time since I’ve posted on this site. We’ve added a second baby to the family mix and that has definitely been an exciting addition. The little guy is about a year and a half now and I’m feeling like it’s time to get back to doing more things for me.

One of those things is to start organizing and sorting everything to reopen my two shops. It feels good to get back into things! Here’s a glance at some of the fun things going on behind the scenes.

First, things first: adding some more flavor to my work space. Here’s how things were originally.

Then I got a new work table, increasing my work space significantly. Woo!

Then, a few months back, I finally got around to putting up a gallery wall of my creative and fun pictures. These are pieces of artwork that I love and it gives the room some pop and energy. It really came together nicely!

After that, I reorganized my cabinets and put things all together along one wall. Here’s how things stand now:

All the changes have created a much better flow with the room and my work space. So ready to get moving with things!


And We’re Back!

I took a little time off for the holidays. I spent lots of time with family and, in general, resting up from the holiday rush. Now, it’s back to reality and I’m excited to get going!

All that resting and relaxing really got my creative juices flowing and I have all sorts of new ideas flowing and I’ll be getting going on those today!  In the meantime, check out these pictures of my newly improved work space.

Here’s what was:

where I used to do most of my work (online and drawing/painting)

Old spaceThe overall arrangement of things

Then, I got this sweet sweet drafting table for Christmas and yesterday I assembled it and rearranged and reorganized my whole space. I love rearranging; everything is newly fresh. And I’m stoked to work on this new table that will allow me to not hunch over all day (hooray for better posture and blood circulation!)

Here’s what is:

I feel like there’s so much more space in there. It’s great!

Stay tuned for new designs!