New Design!

Life is busy with a newborn! But I’m beginning to feel like I’m getting my feet under me. This I know because I’m actually finding time to clean my house! Truth be told, having a baby is forcing me to be more organized and deliberate with my time.. I might just be a better housekeeper now than before!

Anyway, amidst all the chaos over here, I’ve managed to get another new design pictured and painted. This one is a cheery, sunny design. I love the simplicity and the swirl that gives it a boost of visual interest.

With this print, I’ve used a blending of two different shades of orange and a spattering of yellow, to give this sunshine some extra texture.

Check it out here!


Also, recently, I’ve revisited an old favorite: I Heart my ANT-ie, and pluralized it. So many little ones have multiple aunties to love! Here‘s the end result:


Hooray for productivity!