New Creations, New Skills!

A while back I read that donated clothes often don’t get resold here in the US, that they’re often shipped off to 3rd world countries, often disrupting their own textile production. So, I started looking for ways to reuse clothes first, versus donating them straight away.  I’ve made a couple sets of cleaning cloths, but then I read about a way to make yarn from t-shirts.. it looked intriguing, so I gave it a try!

It was actually quick and easy! I raided my stash of t-shirts and got to work. Turns out that the shirts made of 100% cotton work best for the yarn; it curls up nicely when you tug on it while rolling it into the ball while other blends, though still useful for yarn, don’t roll quite so nicely.

So, with all this yarn I needed a project to use it! Once upon a time, I tried crocheting.. I made a scarf for my dad. It was a little wobbly on the edges, but he still wears it from time to time.  This time around, I couldn’t find my crochet hook. My previous escapades was many years ago, and I probably gave it away somewhere along the line. However, unwilling to be daunted by a lack of tools, so I looked up tutorials on youtube for finger crocheting. I found several and watched them a bunch of times and managed to make it work!

The edges are still a little wobbly, but it’s perfect for using as my bathroom mat!


New Designs!

I just put up two new designs today. These designs have been in the works for a little while, but now they are both available in my shop!

The footprints design was one I made originally for a custom order. That one was blue feet on a gray onesie:

footprint template

footprints blue

For the second print, I went in a different direction and used a deep gray on a bright yellow shirt – so bright and fun!

tiny feet!!

The other design is a punny, math joke. I originally made it as a going away gift for my math teaching neighbor. But I loved it so much, I decided to add it to my shop too.


New Design!

It seems like forever since I’ve had a new design, so it’s exciting to announce a new one! We’re rather buried in snow, here in Chicago, at the moment and I’m definitely dreaming of warmer weather. So here’s my new design: Summer Day!

summer day

I love the contrast of the bright green and the different shades of pink on the blue onesie.

Come on summer!

Upcycled Mug Planters

For Christmas, I got some new drill bits – the sort that can drill through ceramics and porcelains. I was so excited! Now I can upcycle mugs and tea cups to make cute little window planters.

I’ve been having so much fun with them. Here are some examples:

black tea cup
“Love makes all things grow”


Bloom Where You Are Planted
“Bloom Where You Are Planted”


Tiny Chinese Tea Cup Set
I Will Survive
I love Tea

I’ve got a few more waiting in the wings. Stay tuned!

Reusable Market Bags

Some years ago, Chicago implemented a plastic bag ban, where larger stores just don’t offer bags or else they’ll charge a small fee for them.  I live in a town that’s right next door to Chicago and starting new this year, they’ve joined in the bag ban. So, in preparation – a few months ago, I made some cute reuseable bags for my own shopping, to try to get in the habit. They are working so well that I decided to offer some in my Etsy shop as well.

Pink Stripey Bag
Pink Stripey Bag

True to the mission of my DazzlingDoOvers shop, I wanted to make these reusable bags from some re-purposed materials. So, I gathered up some pillowcases and gave them new life as shopping bags!

Stripey Bag

Made in a smoke free, pet fee environment. I reinforced all seams to ensure it’ll have a life of many shopping trips.

This one seemed a little plain with just the navy blue, so I added my favorite party animal trio as an embellishment. Now it’s super fun!

Party Animals

I was excited to find a set of these fabulous Little Pony pillowcases on one of my many excursions through the little shops here in the Chicago area. I knew they were destined for greater things than gathering dust in a shop. So  I set to work and now there are two available!

My Little Pony

See all these and more in my DazzlingDoOvers shop here!

You Light up my Life

It seems like forever ago, but I used to work in downtown Chicago. I really enjoyed being downtown; the energy, the restaurants, the architecture. Near where I worked, there was a place that had these cool lights that hung in the window. I was struck by the way the colors blended from the edges and the asymmetry of the lights. All these things inspired me to make a design for a shirt and call it: You Light up my Life; blending a familiar saying with modern design.

Recently, someone approached me asking if I could add some words to this bright design. Her dad owns a lamp shop and she wanted a fun way to announce he was going to be a grandpa.

After working out the details of font and color, we came up with this:

A lovely addition! Many happy wishes to the family with this new family addition!

Breaking out the Paint

Woo! So, I’ve been spending some time organizing and doing some behind-the-scenes sorts of things; nothing too exciting to photograph. However, tonight, I broke out the paints and printed my first new shirts since opening my shop! Very exciting.

It feels good to be back!