NonTeam Treasury Challenge 92

This week’s challenge is inspired by this sage advice from JumpOffThePage:

This light and airy image brought to my mind dreamy summer days of sunshine and fun, so I created this treasury in response:


New Design!

I’ve long been toying with the idea of drawing up a robot design. Robots can be so cute! In my mind they are a pretty unisex thing, but out of curiosity, I ran a quick poll of my Facebook friends to see what their thoughts were.

Turns out, results were mixed. Some people said they think of robots as a purely “boy thing”, while others thought they were definitely unisex. However, I think that they could go both ways and decided to make two different prints of the same design. One with very girly colors (lavender and sparkles) and one a little more gender neutral (gray and orange).

Both are so adorable! I love the retro-flavor and the bright colors. These are sure to bring a smile to all faces, boy or girl!


Pretty Piggy

This past weekend, a good friend got married. They were an older couple and “well established” and, when asked, they invited their guests to “be creative” when thinking of gifts.

I thought that was a fun idea and I knew that they have been saving for a new house, a place in the country.. so I thought the perfect thing would be a piggy bank. But, as I can’t do anything halfway, I decided to personalize this piggy bank for them.

I love how it turned out!

Christmas in July!

Every year, Etsy encourages folks to offer specials for Christmas in July. I love specials and I love Christmas shopping! What could be better than the two together?

So, for all of July, you can save 15% off your entire order – good for anything in my shop – by entering this code at checkout: SANTASAVER

Merry Shopping!