Home Remedy

So, I’ve been doing my shirt-painting for quite a while now. Typically I use it to embellish baby clothes, but recently I discovered that it’s really great for giving any old shirt a second life!

The other week, I was wearing my favorite purple shirt while playing with bleach (really silly of me, I know).. and, as expected, some bleach jumped out of the container and introduced itself to my lovely purple shirt.

I was very sad and thinking that I might have to toss this shirt that I love so much. However, I decided to expand my shirt-painting uses and see if the paint would cover a bleach stain. I had a new design that would be perfect for a lower corner placement and it would cover a good amount of space, so I gave it a whirl…

And voila! the shirt was as good as new! And, as an added side bonus, I can now wear one of my own designs (which, when painting predominantly baby clothes, was difficult to do before).

I love how it turned out!