New Design!

Whee! I’ve been a little absentee around here. Two of my brothers came to visit my husband and I the last couple weeks and, funny guys that they are, they were more interested in running around seeing Chicago sights than watching me blog. So we had our great fun, and now they’ve gone home and we are getting back to our normal routine around here.

I’ve been working on this new design, You Light Up My Life, for sometime now. I saw these lights in a boutique in downtown Chicago some months ago. I love interesting lights and these really caught my interest. I loved the simple design, the colors – softly blending from orange to white, and how they hung in clusters from the ceiling. I took a picture and decided they would make a great onesie print!

I sketched them out and then the sheet of paper got hidden behind some other designs in my book of designs and I forgot about them, until recently! And now, finally, after months of waiting, here is my newest design: You Light Up My Life.