BBQ Buddy

I love cooking out over a fire; that’s the best part of camping! And when you can’t be out camping, a BBQ is a perfect substitute. In college, my roommates and I used to grill-out all year-round – we had an annual house BBQ on Martin Luther King day, and more often than not it was snowing! The burgers never tasted so good.

Grilling-out is quite possibly the most traditional, American thing there is to do on a holiday weekend. Share the joy with the next generation of BBQ-ers with this fabulous and fun tee. Perfect for President’s day.. or Memorial Day. Or Labor Day.. or your 4th of July Picnic!


Friday Feature

I am a great fan of music, so it’s not surprising that I was immediately taken by these lovely Decoupage Eggs from CatnipStuidoToo‘s shop. I love the antiqued look of the papers and how carefully the sheets of music have been applied to the eggs. They’re beautiful!
Check out all the other things in this shop here!

And, continuing in the theme of birdies and eggs, here is a Feathery Vessel from MonicaMarks.  Also made with various styles of paper, this  bowl would work perfectly as a nest for the musical eggs! Be sure to check out all the other things in her shop – she uses so many beautiful papers!

Day Dreaming in Song

This treasury was inspired by ripecardsandjewelry (winner of this past week’s NonTeam Treasury Challenge).  Congrats!

I’m feeling rather dreamy today, so I chose these pink hoop earrings as the inspiration item, and built from there, resulting in this lovely, ethereal collection:


I’m not a big golfer. Way back in high school gym class, we had a unit on golf where the students started out hitting wiffle balls with clubs and eventually graduated to hitting actual golf balls. Yeah, I never graduated to the golf balls. But I do enjoy a round of mini-golf from time to time.

So, I made this design, but it works both ways! Great for folks with little people who are gifted golfers (of the 18 hold sort) or for those who prefer the smaller version of golf.


Friday Feature

This Rainbow Felted Fish mobile, in GollyGeeGeorge’s shop, might be my new favorite thing on Etsy! Not only are the colors delightful and vibrant, but I love that the fish are hanging from a very drift-wood-like branch. (Almost) I wish I had a crib to hang this over!

This next item is a beautiful, handmade picnic basket made in the traditional Portuguese method. I love the colors and I think it’s wonderful that ToinoAbel learned this craft from his grandfather and that he is preserving this tradition.

There are many other styles and sizes available in his shop. Check it out!